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  The Disappointment from SEAMEWE4 Submarine Cable Internet Bandwidth
BTTB's management of SEAMEWE4 Submarine Cable is hurting the Internet Industry
There was a lot of hope and scope for aggressive growth of ICT industry with the connectivity of SEAMEWE4 Submarine Fibre Optic Cable connection to Bangladesh. This article describes how and why it has instead hurt the industry.
, Monday 04 September 2006
 6.2 - 7 votes
  BGP configuration Guide
Simple guide to configure router to route traffic using BGP
This is the introduction part of BGP configuration. The configuration is written based on BTTB's submarine link. This article written for the network engineers who have previous experience on Cisco's IOS and routing protocol such RIP.
Azhar H. Chowdhury, Sunday 04 June 2006
 3.2 - 4 votes
  Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) : An introduction
Goal for SIP was to provide a superset of the call processing functions and features present in the public switched telephone network (PSTN). As such, features that permit familiar telephone-like operations are present: dialing a number, causing a phone to ring, hearing ringback tones or a busy signal. Implementation and terminology are different. SIP also implements many of the more advanced call processing features present in Signalling System 7 (SS7), though the two protocols themselves could hardly be more different. SS7 is a highly centralized protocol, characterized by highly complex central network architecture and dumb endpoints (traditional telephone handsets). SIP is a peer-to-peer protocol. As such it requires only a very simple (and thus highly scalable) core network with intelligence distributed to the network edge, embedded in endpoints (terminating devices built in either hardware or software). Many SIP features are implemented in the communicating endpoints as opposed to traditional SS7 features, which are implemented in the network.
Azhar Chowdhury Jewel, Sunday 04 June 2006
 6.3 - 3 votes
  Cyber Communities of Bangladesh
Mustafa Jabbar, Friday 06 May 2005
 4.3 - 6 votes
  Capitalizing on Internet Resources for the Small Medium Enterprise (SME)
This article discusses on how the SME sector can feasibly capitalize on the resources available over the Internet to fully leverage their investments in computer hardware.
Syed Faruque Ahmed, Tuesday 26 April 2005
 3.6 - 9 votes
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  ICT Development
Contribution of Internet Resources in ICT Industry Development ( 1 article )
  Internet Industry
Articles on the history, current state and future of the Internet Industry in Bangladesh. ( 2 articles )
  Technical Documents
Technical articals, documents for the ISPAB members/general. ( 2 articles )
Poll: Will monopoly of the distribution of bandwidth from the first-ever Bangladesh submarine-cable help in lowering Internet bandwidth prices?

Yes, monopoly should be allowed.

No, distribution should be competitive.

Not sure, I have to know more about it!

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31 Dec : 10:23
voip shob deshe jodi easy ar legal hoy, tahole amra ki alien naki? gu kheye boro hoisi? amader deshe koti taka lage keno ar illegal keno?

31 Dec : 10:22
voip shob deshe jodi easy ar legal hoy, tahole amra ki alien naki? gu kheye boro hoisi? amader deshe koti taka lage kenjo ar illegal keno?

15 Jun : 11:04
Hello! I need a Telecommunication/ ISP Professional who will be expert in knowledge of Telecommunication, specially VSAT, RF, familiar with TDM/TDMA VSAT, DVB RCS product SCPC Modem. Can anybody hep me finding an expert of such professional/

25 Jan : 00:29
which mobile company's internet gives highest speed, other than zoom?

04 Nov : 12:40
"GP fined Tk 168cr for illegal VoIP operation"
why that news had not published any reputed daily newspaper?

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